White CO2 reduced

We go sustainable ways! The extensive range of white masterbatch can be processed for a variety of applications. This is now also available in the MaxiBlue series as a CO2 reduced version. In this way, your product not only remains economically affordable but is also sustainable in the long term and reduces your CO2 footprint by 10%.

Customer-specific requirements - such as for applications with special carrier polymers or the integration of other additives - can also be implemented with our CO2-reduced white. Our range is as individual as your wishes are.

No compromises

Sustainable & Affordable

We have optimized the formulation to include more raw materials with a reduced carbon footprint. For the resource-saving production of the CO2-reduced white, 100% energy from renewable sources is used at the Austrian site, which consists, among other things, of self-generated electricity from our own photovoltaic system.

This represents a serious alternative without having to compromise on performance, functionality or application, as it corresponds to the well-known MAXITHEN EDP white. The abrasiveness is lower due to the TiO2 reduction. The FDA and EU approval enables us to deliver the product worldwide and to ensure further sustainable solutions in our industry.

GC Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability secures our future

At Gabriel-Chemie, we take this as a motivator to focus on sustainability in the plastics industry and as a masterbatch manufacturer. Sustainable products, which are already making a major contribution to preserving our planet, are in greater demand than ever. Our innovations and research projects are aimed precisely at this - producing plastic as a valuable and reusable material.

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